2. Steady line.

  3. Yoko.

  6. Mr Postcards.

  7. It’s my birthday, and this time around I’m feeling it.

    Though, as Slessor once said, “time that is moved by little fidget wheels is not my time,” so maybe I’m not that old after all.

  8. Balcony life.

  9. “She talks with a broken heart - Her voice lutes brokenly like a heart lost, musically too, like in a lost grove, it’s almost too much to bear sometimes like some fantastic futuristic Jerry Southern singer in a nightclub who steps up to the mike in the spotlight in Las Vegas but doesn’t even have to sing, just talk, to make men sigh and women wonder I guess…” 

    -Kerouac, Big Sur

    See you in June, San Fran.


  10. "Every love story is a ghost story."
    — David Foster Wallace
  12. Hungover in The Rocks.

  13. ACAB, Marrickville.

  14. Mr Postcards and I got married here almost two years ago. No ghosts showed up.